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Reduce Image Size - Freeware program

What is it?

This software was made from rossiwebdesign to reduce image size.

Modern cameras save huge image files. A 5 Megapixel camera saves a +2000px wide photo, which is superfluous on a pc monitor. Instead, it makes image transfers via email or via site upload much slower.
This simple software allows reducing images at the source before sending or uploading them! Enjoy!

rwdimed ico Download RWD image editor (1.4 Mb)

Just extract the program and use it anywhere, no need for installation. You may want to carry it in your USB card, once extracted it wieghts about 4 Mb.

How does it work?

1. Open an image on your pc

rwdimed demo 00

2. Cool, you opened it

rwdimed demo 01

3. Resize it with + and - or try Auto size for web use

rwdimed demo 02

4. Save it in your desired format (JPG is best for photos, GIF or PNG for illustrations with limited number of colors)

rwdimed demo 03



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